Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa

It’s no secret that Poland is becoming a more desirable, attractive destination. Whilst its Communist-era past has left an indelible legacy, particularly upon the architecture, the country is becoming wealthier with many of its cities developing into modern, stylish centres, where the younger, optimistic generations now indulge their passion for fine food, fashion, entertainment, and even wine.

One such town which is quickly becoming an expression for the nation’s growing prosperity is Sopot, on the Polish Riviera on the north-east coast, part of the Tricity, along with Gdańsk and Gdynia.

While Sopot is better known for its bars and clubs, if it’s luxury and relaxation you are after, then you are in luck. New hotels are popping up all over the town, and with them new spas. One such hotel is the Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa, where myself and my wife have been invited for a day of luxury and relaxation.

I'm handed a skimpy thong – this isn't doing much for my apprehension.

The hotel is sat right next to the long, sandy beach, which runs for miles in either direction. If you are coming from the town, the signs will confusingly say Mera Spa Hotel, which it was previously known. Once you are close, you can’t miss it. Its wooden clad exterior gives it a cool, natural look, while the exotic-looking shrubs, trees and rocks create a sense of tranquillity.

Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa - Marriott Hotel

Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa is set in a stylish and tranquil setting

We head up to the first floor, and the spa, where the tranquillity continues. The staff are efficient and professional, first explaining to us the type of massage we will have, before introducing our masseurs. The spa itself is huge – we are led past just some of the 35 treatment rooms. For our couple’s treatment, we have one of the largest available. Around £100 buys you a lot of relaxation time – 90 minutes to be exact. Not being a regular spa-goer (this is more my wife’s domain) I’m really not sure about what’s coming.

“Change into this, please,” says my masseur, as I’m handed a skimpy thong – this isn’t doing much for my apprehension. But, I soon have something else to think about as the masseur gets stuck into exfoliating my poor skin. This first “sugar scrub” stage lasts for around 15 minutes, before we are asked to shower and return for a full body massage. An hour later and I’ve drifted off into a relaxed slumber. We head to the relaxation room (yes, more relaxation) where there is flavoured water and tea. Here you can stretch out on the beds and look out blissfully to sea. Or, if you fancy picking up the pace just a little, head back downstairs. On the ground-floor are three swimming pools, all at different temperatures, an outdoor hot tub and a very classy sauna and steam room area.

A beer is around £3, a glass of wine £4, and our pizzas £6-7 each.

And, the good news is, all of this is included in the price of the spa treatment, as is, the star of the show, the rooftop infinity pool. Even though it’s summer, it’s not the warmest day, so I’m relieved to feel the warmth of the heated pool as I slip in for a few laps, before stopping to look out across to sea and for miles around. It’s not a bad spot for lunch, either. A beer is around £3, a glass of wine £4, and our pizzas £6-7 each. Unlike a lot of hotels, it’s also not overly busy, partly as it is just before the start of the main season, and partly because this is one of the most expensive hotels in the area. Either way, it all adds to the Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa’s feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

With the sun coming out and plenty of available sunbeds, we only had one option… more relaxation.

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